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Indonesian teak is wood of very top quality, and must be cared for appropriately. Cleaning wooden furniture may sound simple, but it is vital to bear in mind that teak are not just any wood. Teak is a distinctive small grained wood, that’s naturally resistant to decomposition and attack by termites. It’s got a feature colour that distinguishes it from all other kinds of wood. Not only does it offer excellent durability and strength, but also makes excellent material for the production of grand and tasteful furniture. Cleaning teak Indonesia furniture demands patience and the proper technical understanding of the right cleaning additives and agents.

Use Teak Indonesia Furniture sand paper of grain to rub the uppermost layers of your teak furniture. In case your furniture has changed colour in it is natural golden brown to a silvery grey, then rubbing sand paper is guaranteed to restore it to it’s first look. It is never a bad idea to coat the teak wood with UV protect. Some UV protect substances available on the industry also twice as varnish and leave your cabinet with a glossy finish. Candles oil protects the timber from the effects of the components and helps it retain its colour. Engineered timber could be washed with hot water and soap to remove the upper layers of oxide which form on the wood.

Jepara Indonesia Furniture It’s not essential to oil metallic screws on your furniture as teak doesn’t corrode metals which are in contact with it. A good cleaning solution is a mixture of mild bleach and detergent on water, taken on the ratio 25: 75. The wood can be washed with this mixture utilizing a soft bristled brush, or an old toothbrush. Once you’ve finished cleaning your furniture with this solution, wash the timber thoroughly, making sure which none of the cleaning solution or residue is left on the timber. Allow the wood to dry thoroughly for 12-twenty four hours. If not allowed to dry properly, the life of your furniture will come down considerably. Although the timber is resistant to decay due to humidity, the cleaning process removes a lot of the protective natural oils on the wood, which makes it more susceptible to harm while wet. Take good care of your Indonesian teak furniture, and it’ll serve you well for many years to come. It’ll retain it is original grandeur, durability and elegance so long as you treat it right.

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